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As a business owner or marketer, it’s vital to rank on page one in Google and other search engines to drive visitors to your Website, whether you want to rank nationally or locally. But, how do you outrank your competitors?

How to win the ranking war

The key to winning the ranking war over your competitors is to properly optimize your Website from an SEO perspective, develop high quality content, and a strong link-building program that shows that you are an authority in your market. Today, it’s all about quality to win the ranking war and we’ve proven this through our own Website ranking and our clients time and time again.

Doing things properly to achieve results

We consistently enable our clients to outrank their competitors by building a site properly from the ground up, including proper on-page optimization, fantastic content that demands attention and maximizes shares, as well as a monthly link-building program that creates a high volume and quality of links to show Google that you are an authority within your industry.

What people are saying

  • Blueprint developed a Website for us that properly balances great marketing strategy, SEO, and design, which is very difficult to achieve. The site looks great, positions us correctly within our market, and uses the latest technology, such as responsive design.

    - S. Dougall, Shift

  • We needed to rank several different locations of our businesses on page one in Google. Not only did Blueprint achieve a first page ranking for these locations through SEO, but they ranked us for both the local listing and the organic!

    - B. Schwartz, Super Suds

  • Blueprint is so detailed with their approach to get the best possible results for their clients from the design of the initial Internet marketing campaign to the use of email automation. They do things the right way and it’s a pleasure working with them.

    - T. Reyto, Eloqua Email Automation Consultation

  • The first thing that we noticed right away about working with Blueprint is the time they took to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve in terms of the keywords that we wanted to go after as well as the way that we wanted to communicate to our market on a monthly basis. Not only are we on page one for our key search terms, but we are making a positive contribution to our market, which we feel great about.

    - S. Parr, Atlas Polar Limited

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